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Quit Smoking

Tobacco or Cigarettes are injurious to health it causes cancer. So quit smoking.

Quit Smoking

If you start to quit smoking you will feel some headache, irritability, moodiness. As the day passed if you complete one month after quitting smoking your body functions will improve a better way, it helps you stay healthy with all the bad toxins.

Do’s of quitting :

1. Fresh Breathe: If you start quitting smoking you can breathe easily your body starts recovering from nicotine effects, your blood pressure, and your heart rate and body temperature.

Fresh Breathe

2. Purification of blood: The poisonous carbon monoxide in your blood gets starting removed drastically. It allows your blood to carry more oxygen and result in purification

3. Better health: when you start quitting the smoke your face and body get more energy and your skin looks better. You look younger to your look.

Better Health

4. Money save: when you start quitting you can save your money and you can use that money to have good products like healthy veggies, fruits, etc. unless wasting on cigarettes

Money save

Now, if you are quitting smoking you will start to gain your weight. But, don’t worry you can manage your diet, workout, and doing some simple steps of yoga for your stress management.

Tips for quit smoking

Here you will find some tips which will help to stay away from cigarettes and tobacco. Find some following tips here:

  • Handy snacks: Keep some healthy snacks with you like some almonds nuts, fruit bowl, etc. and chewing gum. You can intake some vegetables like onions, broccoli, boiled corn, bell peppers, and beets.
  • Routine change: Do something that enjoys yourself like do jogging, yoga play games, etc. It will provide a quick break from your stressful lifestyle and feels a healthy breath in your mind and body.
  • Drinks to switch: If you are having coffee don’t opt it because it contains “caffeine”. You can go for healthy drinks like fruit or vegetable juice or do have herbal tea or green tea in your daily routine. Green tea will boost your metabolism and help to lose weight.
  • Make a list: Keep your busy or occupied with your work or any above techniques. Another best way to keep to stay away from tobacco or cigarettes is to spend your valuable time with your family and friends.

Conclusion :

“It’s going to be hard but hard is not Impossible because every impossible turns to I AM POSSIBLE.”

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